I love my job and what I do. As an immigration attorney, I spend my days meeting people from around the world and learning about their lives, businesses and dreams.  Some days are tough, and I hear heartbreaking stories of where people came from and the things they went through to end up sitting at my desk. Other days are inspiring and exciting as I learn about a client’s new invention or business endeavor. My clients constantly inspire and impress me with their dedication to their goals.

I have been fortunate to work/intern in private practice, nonprofit and the government on immigration cases and policies. Seeing immigration law from each of these perspectives led me to start my own practice in April of 2013. (Here it is! http://www.starzyklawpllc.com)  Seven months in I am blessed to be successfully working with a number of wonderful clients. In the last week I’ve seen a green card approval and a U visa approval- both tough cases with very deserving clients.

My goal for this blog is to share insights that I have gained through representing clients within the immigration system and also provide general guidance on common issues that I come across in practice. In my blogs I am speaking generally, and what I say should not be construed as legal advice. I encourage you to call an immigration attorney if you find yourself searching the internet looking for answers to your immigration problems. Immigration attorneys are constantly working to gain knowledge and expertise in the U.S. immigration system. They follow updates to government policies, laws and memos, and are professionals who spend their days working on cases and developing legal strategies to help their clients. Some of the most difficult cases I have handled stem from people waiting to ask for help and thinking they can just figure out their way through the immigration system. Make it easier on yourself- An hour long consultation at the beginning could in the end save you thousands of dollars and years of struggling with immigration agencies.

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